Friday, February 27, 2009

SASHA PANYUTA - Interview of the artist

We have fallen in love with Russian Born artist Sasha Panyuta. Her work is moving, arousing and filled with emotion. Her use of color and composition calm the eye and soothe the senses.
To see more of her work you can visit her web site at

1 ) Where do you find your inspiration?
I recently watched "The Corporation", it’s an incredible documentary about how huge corporations are fucking society, that was pretty inspiring.

2 )What lead you to fall in love with painting?
Realizing that almost anything else I did felt like total bullshit.

3 ) Your work is filled with so much emotion. Do your subjects sit for
you or do you create your artwork for memory or photos?

Usually I use photos. Sometimes I set up photo shoots with specific props and costumes and tell my models how they're supposed to be feeling in the moment. Sometimes I’ll just snap a bunch of photos of someone being themselves, but in the end the painting always comes out much different than the photo.

4 ) Where did you study and where are you from and where do you live/work now?
I was born in Russia on the Kamchatka penninsula (its across from Alaska). I moved to the States when I was 6 and have been living in New York City since I was 7. I got my BFA at Parsons here in the city, and right now I still live and work in the city.

5) When did you start making art?
I remember copying Disney cartoons with my grandmother when I was about 7. I went to an art high school so I guess my first big artistic endeavor was in 8th grade when I had to put together a portfolio to apply there.

6) How do you choose your subjects?
Sometimes I’ll meet someone with a really intense look and I feel like I just have to paint them, but that’s pretty rare. Often times I’ll come up with some sort of project and get desperate for models, so I’ll ask anyone I know who I think is even remotely interesting looking. I was surprised to find out how many people don’t feel comfortable having their portrait painted. I also use my friends and myself a lot, just because we’re available and willing. Then there are other times when I get commissions or am working on a specific project where I don’t have a choice of model.

7) How long does your average piece take to complete?
It really depends, some take 2 days some take 3 months.

8) Is acrylic your favorite painting medium, do you work with other
mediums as well?
I love acrylic because it allows me to be fast and relatively neat. As you can see from my work I’m not so much into blending colors, so the fast drying time of acrylic is great for that. In the first painting class I ever took they made us paint with acrylic, guess they didn’t trust 15 year olds with oil, and so it stuck. I painted a few paintings with oil back at Parsons but I can’t really deal with the chemicals and the dirty paintbrushes. Maybe when I get a nice huge studio and an assistant I’ll give oils another try.

9 ) Who are some of your favorite artists past and present?
I just saw the Marlene Dumas exhibit at the MOMA, I like some of her stuff. Jenny Saville is great with figures and flesh. Egon Schiele is always inspiring. But I’m more moved by work that is completely different from mine, there is a piece by the artist Paul Lee that I saw about a year ago in an exhibit in Chelsea, it’s a black cotton towel with the center cut out and flapping down hanging on a wall, I really loved that piece, I guess because its so different form anything I would ever make, kind of forces me to consider my creative process in a totally different way.

10 ) What are you working on now?
Some paintings for a show I’m planning with a photographer friend of mine.

Monday, February 23, 2009

DUSTIN LANCE BLACK-2009 Oscar Winner for Best Original Screenplay MILK!

The Oscars did not disappoint last night! The show was filled with many great moments. Hugh Jackman’s two musical numbers were flawless. Anne Hathaway surprised many while joining Hugh in song with her brilliant voice during the opening. When Jennifer Aniston took the stage to hand out the award for Best Animation Feature the cameras panned to Angelina Jolie. Then again while she and Jack Black announced best Animated Short Film. The Kiss Between James Franco and Sean Penn was featured not once but twice during the show. Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix was priceless. Penn’s declaration of “Equal rights for everyone” during his acceptance speech for best actor sent goose bumps down my body. BUT the most moving moment of the evening was from Dustin Lance Black upon winning Best Original Screenplay for Milk!

“When I was 13 years old, my beautiful mother and my father moved me from a conservative Mormon home in San Antonio, Texas to California and I heard the story of Harvey Milk. And it gave me hope. It gave me the hope to live my life, it gave me the hope to one day live my life openly as who I am and that maybe even I could fall in love and one day get married.
I want to thank my mom who has always loved me for who I am, even when there was pressure not to. But most of all, if Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he’d want me to say to all of the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told that they are less than by their churches or by the government or by their families that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours. Thank you, thank you, and thank you God for giving us Harvey Milk.”

Childhood for Lance Black meant growing up in San Antonio, Texas, surrounded by military bases and Mormon culture. Black worried about his sexuality. He told himself "I'm going to hell. And if I ever admit it, I'll be hurt, and I'll be brought down." When he found himself attracted to a boy in his neighborhood he said that his "acute awareness" of his sexuality made him dark, shy and at times suicidal, "I had my first crush on a boy when I was like six, seven. ‘I knew what was going on, I knew I liked him… really liked him, and not just as a friend,' but what Texas did and what the culture of growing up Mormon - growing up military reinforced - was the very second thought I had, 'I'm sick, I'm wrong, I'm going to hell. And if I ever admit it, I'll be hurt, and I'll be brought down.'"

“Texas kept me very quiet. I became intensely shy, I had thoughts of suicide. I was a pretty dark kid, because I had an acute awareness of my sexuality, and was absolutely convinced that I was wrong. In his Hope Speech, Harvey Milk says, 'There's that kid in San Antonio, and he heard tonight that a gay man was elected to public office, and that will give him hope.' And when I first heard that speech, it really did that. It really, really gave me hope, for the first time.”

It wasn't until college when he was on his way to fulfilling his dreams. Black discovered an alternative to the mantras of guilt and silence, of duty and obedience promoted by the army and the church. He discovered his father figure at the movies. It was in the mid-90s that Black first saw Rob Epstein's Oscar-winning documentary, The Times of Harvey Milk.

Black is also staff writer for the wickedly funny HBO series Big Love!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


We love a good conspiracy theory! For those of you who have just landed from the planet of lizard people “a conspiracy theory alleges a group is, or was secretly working to commit illegal or wrongful actions, including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities.”(Wikipedia)

Some of the more infamous one’s you may have heard are:

Nasa faked the moon landings

The US Government was behind 9/11

Princess Diana was murdered

The Jews run hollywood…Wait! That’s not true?

Paul McCartney is dead. (The theory alleges a look alike has taken over)

Aids is a man-made disease

Church’s Fried Chicken sterilizes black men.

The Illuminati run the world (This theory speculates that the world’s corporate and political leaders are all members of an ancient cabal.

The assassination of John Lennon
(Chapman was a brainwashed hit man carrying out someone else's contract.)

The Scientologists run hollywood…(Hmm This one could be?)

Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis Presley are still alive.

The Iraq War – Was it a war on terror or an excuse to secure Iraq’s oil…

The earth is flat, and the government is keeping this from us! (Come on Really!?)

America caused the Asian Tsunami

George Bush can hypnotize mass crowds, which is why he was in power. (We know this one is bull…he’s not smart enough for that.

The list goes on but I will end with my favorite…

Lizard-People Run the World
(Followers of onetime BBC reporter David Icke believe that certain powerful people — like George W. Bush and the British royals — actually belong to an alien race of shape-shifting lizard-people. Icke claims Princess Diana confirmed this to one of her close friends. Icke also claims the Matrix is real (that explains Keanu’s bad acting!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kindle – The Death of Books?

There has been a lot of talk recently about a new wave in publishing called the Kindle. “The Kindle is an e-book reader, an embedded system for reading electronic books, launched in the United States by prominent online bookseller in November 2007.” The Kindle 2 will be available for purchase starting Feb 24 for about $360. “The new Kindle features improved battery life (up to two weeks), 20 percent faster page-refreshing, a text-to-speech option to read the text aloud, and overall thickness reduced to 0.36 inches (the size of a small paperback book). To promote the new Kindle, author Stephen King has written a novella called UR, which is available exclusively as a Kindle download.” (Wikipedia)

The Kindle lets users download most bestselling books for $9.99 onto a high-resolution screen with a white background and black text, imitating the look of a real book. More than 230,000 titles are available for the Kindle. Customers can also download major U.S. and international magazines and newspapers, as well as more than 1,200 blogs. (Bloomberg news)

This is the wave of the future, whether it is your kindle, i-phone or archaic laptop you will eventually no longer go to your local bookstore to purchase you favorite author. You will simply push a button and up will come your book of choice. I have to admit I find this all a bit sad. There is something so soothing about picking up your favorite book while relaxing in your bed at night or sitting on the beach with the newest brain candy. It just wont be the same. But with change good comes as well. More titles will be accessible all over the world and it may even open the doors for more unpublished authors to finally get their work out there!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Your Hands Off My Fucking Dress!

Okay this one is a goody. Denny’s dear friend just related a story about the queen of all Divas... Miss Diana Ross. While seeing her in person at one of her recent concerts the queen pulled out all the stops. She changed into an array of gowns for almost every song. Each dress more beautiful then the last one she wore. She spoke of love and peace. Her lyrics were filled with tenderness and caring. The audience was mesmerized as usual. When it came to her finale she appeared in a jaw-dropping gown with a train suited for a princess. The people rose from their seats and embraced each other’s hands while swaying to her music. It was magical.She began walking down the runway, I mean stage, singing one of her great hits, “Reach out and touch somebodys hand…”Upon passing my friend the train of her dress began to fall from the stage near where he stood. He reached out his hand to touch the jewel filled gown and place it back on the stage. As he did Ms. Ross still singing “Reach out and touch…” turned her head towards him, moved the mike from her mouth and directed, “Get your hands off my fucking dress!” Then continued singing joyfully, “Somebodys hand, make this world a better place, If you can…"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The first annual DENNY Awards!

And the Denny Goes to...

1) For Biggest Celebrity Melt Down. The Denny goes to... BRITTNEY SPEARS,

2) For Best Republican blunder. The Denny goes to...THE CHOICE OF SARAH PALIN, Thank God.

3) For Best HBO Series. The Denny goes to (It's a tie!)BIG LOVE and TRUE BLOOD.

4) For Best Day of 2008. The Denny goes to... NOV 4th! OBAMA WINS!

5) For Biggest Celebrity Shocker...The Denny goes to...LESBIAN LYNDSY LOWHAN

6) For Best book...The Denny goes... to WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN FLAMES BY DAVID SEDARIS

7) For Best Actor...The Denny goes to...SEAN PENN for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in Milk

8) For Best Actor...The Denny goes to...KATE WYNSLET just for being so damn classy!

9) For Best Picture...The Denny goest to...SLUM DOG because it was the little film that could.

10)For Best Talk show...The Denny goes to...THE VIEW, seriously that show has the drama, this year with the Rosie scandal, then the election and crazy Hasselbeck...

11)For Best New Fashion Designer...The Denny goes to...QUI HAO, you may have not heard his name yet but you will

12)For Best Fashion Magazine...The Denny goes to...DEALER DELUXE, it is a french magazine that embraces art fashion and quirk.

13) For Best Song...The Denny Goes to...MORE THAN THIS by SHANE MACK, just makes you feel good music!

14) For Best Tech Invention...The Denny goes to...THE i-PHONE, It even cooks for you.

15) For Best Reality Television show...The Denny Goes to...PROJECT RUNWAY,bring it back already!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let the games begin! Denny's Preview #1 F/2009

It’s that time of year again…Fashion Shows. The official kick off for Mercedes Benz fashion week begins Feb 13 at 10 am with “The Truth’s Red Dress Collection.” It lasts until Feb 20 finishing at 2 pm with “Chado Ralph Rucci.”

Paris and Milan have already given us a taste of what’s to come with their Menswear collections. We are impressed. Black attire was seen throughout many of the shows…maybe a reflection of the economy. Much of the clothing was tailored to flatter a mans’ physique. Many of the designers keept dark palettes while some used vibrant colors to give refreshing accent.

Many of the designers unveiled brilliant lines. However Alexander McQueen gets Denny’s vote. He put on a character driven show filled with an array of male models resembling rich aristocrats… who will kick your ass! The show was aptly titled “The McQueensberry.” The clothing was masterly tailored and the color palette consisted of dark earth tones ranging from black to green. Many of the models were adorned with hats, carried canes and wore fingerless gloves. He showed a few knit pieces causeing many to gasp upon seeing them. The looks could work straight from the runway to everyday…except maybe the crazy butcher character with leather apron…I might leave that one for Halloween.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Calvin Klein Banned Ads


They are at it again. There is a new Calvin Klein ad that "is not fit for television viewing..." American television viewing that is. It will air freely in Europe...those dirty bastards.

When Denny needs to do an ad he is going to make it inappropriate for viewing in America and Europe! This way it will be banned all over the world...assuring it to be viewed by everyone!

Denny has viewed the new ad directed by the great Steven Meisel. We were bored. So bored we decided not to post it. But instead we have posted one of the great banned Calvin Klein commercials Steven directed in the 90's. But in case you feel you need to see the "orgy ad" you can view it at:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Okay we all know the economy is in the shit can.
A friend of Denny’s emailed him today and said she feared what was upon us may be of “unprecedented proportions.” Denny says we need to start thinking positively. Are we heading for mass hysteria? If you are currently not strapped for money or in fear of losing your job it is time for you to do your part as an American. Denny says go out and treat yourself to a fine dinner, or go buy that new dress you saw in Vogue last week, Or if you’re doing really well treat yourself to a new car…I hear some places are offering buy one get one free.

In the meantime lets talk about the Stimulus package Obama has in store for us. The most recent Number for his proposed plan is nearly $900 Billion.

“Fiscal stimulus aims to boost economic activity during periods of economic weakness by increasing short-term aggregate demand." The theory is that if more goods and services are being bought, whether cement for a new highway or groceries paid for with a tax rebate, there is less chance that falling demand will lead companies to lay off workers, resulting in greater falls in demand and a deeper downturn.” (New York Times)

The Senate has approved the proposal and the House is currently proposing a few changes: “Some senators say they want to focus on easing the housing crisis, increasing infrastructure spending and cutting taxes on corporations.”

Let’s not lose sight of the economic meltdown to begin with…Banks, Mortgages, and Foreclosures. The banks have been given significant amounts of money to stay afloat. They should now be doing the same for homeowners. Banks have now tightened their belts… as they should have years ago. But unfortunately those people who are not in fixed rates are still in danger of losing their homes and most do not qualify for refinancing.

“The House bill also includes $30 billion for roads and bridges and $10 billion for transit and intercity rail.”
Denny would be happier to drive on a slightly bumpy road for a year or two and see that money put someplace more universally useful right now. “It also includes $50 billion intended to make the country more energy-efficient by updating the electric grid to make it easier to accommodate solar and wind power, and by providing for weatherizing government buildings and low-income housing. In addition, there are tax credits to encourage the growth of renewable energy.”

“The plan also calls for $275 billion in tax cuts and about $300 billion in aid for laid-off workers and cash-strapped states. That money would be used to expand unemployment benefits, provide health-care coverage to laid-off workers, help states facing ballooning Medicaid costs and extend large sums to states to pay for education programs and school renovations.” (The Washington Post)

Denny says Hurry Up!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mercury in Retrograde

The last few weeks have been a struggle for many people. Is it the failing economy? Is it the transition of presidents? Is it the winter blues? Or is it the fact that Mercury has been in Retrograde? What exactly does it mean for you when Mercury is in Retrograde? We decided to do a bit of research.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius [Jan 11 – Feb 1, 2009]

At 16:45 (Universal Time), on Sunday, January 11th, 2009, Mercury turned retrograde in Aquarius. Since that was the day of the potent Full Moon in Cancer, people's emotions may have been on high alert! In general, Mercury rules thinking and perception, processing and disseminating information and all means of communication, commerce, education and transportation.

The word retrograde applies, in astrology, to the apparent backward motion thru the zodiac of a planet.

All the planets, except Sun and Moon, have these retrograde periods, but Mercury is most famous for them, probably because Mercury represents our very essential communication abilities.

The good things to do when Mercury is Retrograde: meditate, contemplate, edit the book/poem/song/essay you've been writing, clean house, talk to your pet, listen to music, paint, catch up on sleep!

So if you have been feeling blue the past few weeks, worry not Obama is hard at work to fix our economy, The winter only has two more months to go and as of today Mercury is out of Retrograde...Phew!