Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Letter to the Editor

As we know there has been false speculation flying around the past few months concerning the departure of Anna Wintour from American Vogue. Which is absolutely ridiculous as Anna is Vogue. Just as Liz Tilberis was Harper’s Bazaar in the 90’s… until she passed away in 1999… as did Bazaar in many ways. But I digress.
We feel Vogue needs a slight facelift to deal with this miserable economy. It’s time to think outside the box. So we decided to write Anna a letter.

Dear Anna,

There once was a time when models graced the covers of fashion magazines and celebrities were seen inside as feature stories. For the past decade it has been the same celebrities that rule the coveted placement. It’s time for you to bring back the supermodel and put fantasy back into fashion! Now more than ever we all need to escape our own lives and spend a few hours each month to dream. Let us revel in your world of fantasy and yet still feel enlightened about our view of the world.

Start using some fresh voices. Don’t get me wrong. I am not suggesting doing away with your current team of style icons. Tonne Goodman, Grace Coddington, Elisa Santisi are fashion! They know the history of the world and manage to evolve with the times to constantly show stimulating perspectives. Your writers such as Sarah Mower and photographers such as Steven Meisel are irreplaceable. But it’s time to bring a few fresh views into the mix. I propose that once a month you take a chance on some new voices. Consider dedicating four to six pages every issue using the undiscovered visionaries in the world. Team up Tonne Goodman with an untapped photographer, or have Arthur Elgort work with an upcoming new stylist. Feature unheard of designers, models, hair and makeup people…you can call it your “Fresh” pages. The stories may not always succeed, but people like change and will respond favorably either way due to the breath of fresh air it will bring.

Show your readers who the new American is through more documentary coverage. Fly a photographer such as Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Bruce Davidson, or Rebecca Greenfield around the US to document what America has become. Open America’s mind to the world we are living in. What were once booming towns of commerce are now rapidly becoming ghost towns. The American home is now over-filled with extended families due to job loss or grandparents raising their grandkids as a result of teen pregnancy. Of coarse we still want to see Plum Sykes standing outside her gorgeous home in the Hamptons or Denise Rich on her yacht…but we need to see more perspectives.

One final note I need to bring to your attention. In this struggling economy it only makes sense that budget cuts have been made. But instead of cutting out working lunches, late night taxis, overtime or expense accounts from your staff… consider not renewing one of your photographer’s million-dollar contracts. The junior staff should not have to bore the burden of penny pinching. And I assure you if you heed my advice. The photographer chosen would be just fine financially and professionally.

With Love and Respect,