Saturday, January 10, 2009


“Do you still believe in Santa Clause?” he asked in a tone of disbelief. I was five years old – of coarse I still believed! When I confronted my mother about it she decided to be straight with me. That was the day some of the magic I believed to be life faded away.

I received a Christmas card last year from a dear friend. Inscribed inside read, “I hope your holiday is filled with magic and all your fairytales come true.” It made me think back to those days as a tyke when I believed anything was possible. Reindeer fly, animals speak and a fat old man in a red suit will deliver presents to the good girls and boys.

That year I began to change the way I thought. I began to believe again. I became more optimistic and thought of the possibilities life has to offer as opposed to the barriers. Sure there is no man coming down my chimney bearing gifts or a land know as Oz over the rainbow. But there are dreams, magic, fairy tales… whatever you chose to call it. This year we managed to elect our first black president, Michael Phelps won eight gold Medals and Denny wrote his first book!

So maybe dreams do come true and there is magic in life. Denny says dream big and acknowledge the magic when it comes your way. Next time someone tells you fairy tales aren’t real. Tell them about the reindeer you saw running in your back yard, the British girl Jessica Knight who woke from a coma after being stabbed 30 times and left for dead, the man or woman you fell madly in love with this year or simply the stranger who held the door open for you today…or you can tell them about the witch at work who makes your life hell.