Monday, February 16, 2009

Get Your Hands Off My Fucking Dress!

Okay this one is a goody. Denny’s dear friend just related a story about the queen of all Divas... Miss Diana Ross. While seeing her in person at one of her recent concerts the queen pulled out all the stops. She changed into an array of gowns for almost every song. Each dress more beautiful then the last one she wore. She spoke of love and peace. Her lyrics were filled with tenderness and caring. The audience was mesmerized as usual. When it came to her finale she appeared in a jaw-dropping gown with a train suited for a princess. The people rose from their seats and embraced each other’s hands while swaying to her music. It was magical.She began walking down the runway, I mean stage, singing one of her great hits, “Reach out and touch somebodys hand…”Upon passing my friend the train of her dress began to fall from the stage near where he stood. He reached out his hand to touch the jewel filled gown and place it back on the stage. As he did Ms. Ross still singing “Reach out and touch…” turned her head towards him, moved the mike from her mouth and directed, “Get your hands off my fucking dress!” Then continued singing joyfully, “Somebodys hand, make this world a better place, If you can…"