Saturday, January 3, 2009


Have you ever noticed that nine times out of ten when you hear a rumor in the tabloids it usually turns out to be true? Maddona’s troubled marriage and affair with A-Rod was circulating for months. All parties involved denied the rumors, which now we know to be true. The speculation of Ben Affleck and Jen Garner’s pregnancy went on practically until the baby was born. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are reportedly heading for divorce soon. And word has it there is trouble in paradise for Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. The couple I’m most concerned about is Samantha Ronson and Lindsey Lowhan. It’s probably only a matter of months now…if not days before they part ways. I’m routing for them, but I don’t think the odds are in their favor. They’re young, this is Lindsey’s first lesbian love and they live in La. The big question is whether Lindsey will remain a lesbian. Could it be that she is truly bisexual?
This brings me to Jeremy Piven. One of my male friends’ claimed to have slept with Jeremy some years back. And when I say “slept with” I mean they allegedly had sex! For the past few years I have paid added attention to Jeremy’s social life as reported in the papers or seen on TV. It seems the only woman he is really ever attached to is his mother. But never a mention of his sexuality. Could my friend be the only man he had sex with... I mean allegedly?
The other day while conversing with a girl friend of mine I brought up the matter of Piven and the rumors I had heard. Her response was, “That’s ridiculous! Everyone knows Jeremy is a womanizer.”
“Or is that just what he wants us to think.” I said.
The current rumor involving Piven claims that while he was out at a Britney Spears circus themed party, he sent out a text message to all the numbers of girls he had gathered up that night. It read, “Come to my room – whoever responds first gets me for the night.” My first thought was, “Isn't he dying of mercury poisoning or some shit?” My second thought was “What a smart man. Simply by not answering his door that evening it would be assumed he already had one of the girls in the room with him. He knew damn well that this would make it into the papers.” But then I read that Ashley Chontos (Model/waitress) was the girl that came to his room. She is also to be his date to the Golden Globes this year. His mom must be pissed!
Could it be that Jeremy is actually bisexual? Why is it that we seldom hear about bisexual celebrities? They must be out there. Anne Heche doesn’t count. She’s just crazy.
Will Lindsey Lowhan be the first Bisexual celebrity? Will she stay a lesbian or will she go back to men and claim Sam was just a phase? I hope not. I like "lesbian Lindsey." And I like the sound of “Bisexual Jeremey Piven” much more than “Womanizer Jeremey Piven.” Don’t you?

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